Family - The new album from Story of Today is now streaming.

Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass
Madison Hinson - Drums
Chris Lucas - Classical Guitar
Ron Sada, Scott McBean - Electric Guitar
Mark Holt - Cello
Kathryn Orlosky - Violin
Jon Mills - Percussion
Charlie Fink - Harp
Gabi Easter - Vocals

Never Let Me Down
(A. Gullihorn)
I guess I learned the hard way
This world can't give me what I need
Even through the house I built on sand
Was swallowed by the sea
You never let me down
You never let me down

Sometimes I think I'll only be content
With things that money buys
But it's like trying to drink water from a stone
It will not provide
But you never let me down
You never let me down

You might let me cry
You might let me sing
You might let me feel a fraction of your suffering
But you won't let me down
You never let me down

If I could just stop striving
Surrender to your holy power
I know your loving arms would lift me up
And never let me down
Never let me down

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