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This Love This Love
(take all the time you need)

(B. Hinson)

I was running down on
dark end spaces
could not find the key to my heart
shadows falling down on
familiar places
every turn left me more lost
look what a little light
has done for the place
this house ain' what it was before
this love, this love
crashed down all my doors

so I set the lamp up high,
just off the hallway
chased away the shadows in my room
swept the front porch clean and
made myself some time
this little house is gonna
shine shine shine
look what love has done for the place
this house is now a home
this love, this love
shook me too my bone

oh friend its good to see your face
where you been hiding for so long
we've been years building up this place
now light is making this house strong

this love, this love
coming for the best in me
this love, this love
making it easier to see
tell me now  is it so hard to believe
that this same love
made a better man of me
this love, this love
coming for the best it me
this love this love
take all the time you need

Brian Hinson - Vocals, Bass, Keys
Ron Sada - Guitars
Madison Hinson - Drums

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